Sunday, July 26, 2009

Solidarity With Dr. Lennin

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From: "Ashfaq Fateh" <>
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Sent: Saturday, July 25, 2009 10:46:19 AM GMT -08:00 Tijuana / Baja California
Subject: Solidarity With Dr. Lennin

Dear Pritam Ji,
Sorry to hear that Dr. Lennin has been theanted by people for raising vioces for the voluneable groups of the socity in India. I just want to assure him full on behalf of Pakistan peace and rights actvisits they we all are with him and praying for the safety of the family and him.
Tomorrow we have some special prayers for the people who were persecuted for their religions. He will be rememered. We will also write letter of appleal for his saftey and protction.
Dr. Lennin knows well these kinds of threats cannot stop the good work for weak group. A big saluate to Dr. Lennin and his great work.
Pritam Ji, as you have given the email addresses concerned authroity. You must also give Dr. Lennin's email address so people can directly express solidarity with him.
In peace,
Ashfaq Fateh

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