Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Poem of Irom Chanu Sharmila

By Irom Chanu Sharmila :-

Free my feet from the shackles
Like bangles made of thorn
Confined inside a narrow room
My fault lies in
Being incarnated as a bird.

Inside the dark room of the prison
Many voices echo around
Unlike the sound of birds
Not the merry laughter
Not that of a lullaby

A child snatched away from the mother's bosom
The lamentation of a mother
A woman separated from her husband
The cry of anguish of a widow
A cry springing out of a sepoy's hand

A ball of fire is seen
Dooms day follows it
The ball of fire was lit
By the product of science
Because of oral experimentation

Servants of sense organs
Everybody is in trance
Intoxication – the enemy of thinking
Wisdom of thinking is annihilated
No experimentation of thinking

Laughing with smiles on the face
By the traveller of coming beyond the hill ranges
Nothing remains but my laments
Nothing saved by the seeing eyes
Strength cannot show itself

Human life is precious
Before life comes to an end
Let me be light of darkness
Nectar will be sown
A true of immortality will be planted.

Putting on artificial wings
All the corners of the earth will be covered
Near the joining line of life and death
Morning songs will be sung
The chores of the world will be performed.

Let the gate of the prison be flung wide
I will not go on another path
Please remove the shackles of thorn
Let me be not accused
For being incarnated in the life of a bird.

Translated from Manipuri to English by
Wide Angle Social Development Organisation

Ms.Sharmila is 2007 Gwangju Human Rights co-awardee along with Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi

Monday, November 17, 2008

Police torture of a doctor and lawyer in Varanasi,India

Dr. Amar Deep Gupta is permanent resident in S 11/24 in Chowkaghat under jurisdiction Jaitpura in Varanasi district. Dr. Amar Deep is living with his joint family in his forefather house he is running "Deep clinics" in one part of the house S 11/23 in chowkaghat since long time.

On 28th December, 2007 anti encroachment expedition came in after noon with out giving prior information start demolished the medical clinic of Dr. Amar Deep in which medicine and surgical instrument of lakhs Rupees were buried in the ground.

On 29th December, 2007 before demolishing Dr. Amar Deep Gupta and his younger brother advocate Ratan Deep Gupta show all original supportive document which prove the property of Dr. Amar Deep Gupta family.

When Dr. Amar Deep was showing paper to Circul Officer Chetganj Mr. Ashok Kumar Verma then some anti element throw stone and C.O gets injury on his face in reactionary work Station officer, C.O, city magistrate and other policeman present at that time brutally beat Dr. Amar deep Gupta and Ratan Deep Gupta with stick and but of the gun until both of them faint. Policeman arrest both Dr. Amar Deep and Ratan Gupta.

After of the incidence wife of Dr. Amar Deep (Ms. Mamta) and Ratan Deep Gupta (Ms. Shikha) went to Jaitpura police station to know about her husband. Station in charge Hari Ram Maurya and other police officer start abusing with ugly word to both Mamta and Shikha. Police officer threat and start swinging stick to both women. From print media personnel both women came to know their husband is kept in Jaitpura police station.

Both women in police station saw Dr. Amar Deep Gupta was faint and Ratan Deep Gupta right leg broke and he was drenched with blood. Approximately at 1:30 pm Ratan Deep Gupta condition become critical due to bleeding and he was admitted to District hospital in Varanasi in police custody. Amar Deep Gupta also becomes serious and he was also admitted to District hospital at 9 pm in the night. On 29th December, 2007 this news was aired on the television.

Section that was filed by police officer against Dr. Amar Deep and Ratan Deep Gupta are 147/325/332/333/352/353/504/506 of Indian Penal code and cr. L A .A

Please write to :National Human Rights Commission of India at

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Death of 2.5 year-old child due to malnutrition in India