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Peoples caravan against WTO in eastern UP (Update)

Peoples caravan against WTO in eastern UPPeoples Carvan 2005
Peoples caravan against WTO in eastern UP against WTO started from Champaran, Bihar on 24 Nov 2005. Thousands of activists from different organizations gathered at
Rajendra Nagar Bhawan, Motihari, East Champaran and Peoples Carvan were inaugurated. This Peoples Carvan in due course of time was joined by a large number of activists working in remote countryside areas. Passing through Mujjaffarpur, Vaishali,Madhubani, Gaya and Patna, it culminated into a huge rally at Gandhi
Maidan, Patna and held a public meeting at the ground of Milller High School. On 25 Nov Peoples Carvan reached to Jasauli Patti, where it was welcomed and
joined by farmers and workers. A public meeting was held there. In Chakia and in Hassi, street dramas were played against WTO. On 26 Nov Peoples Carvan entered
into the district of Mujjaffarpur. Their activists of different organizations, intellectuals, and youth held a meeting against WTO in University Hall. On 27 Nov
Peoples Carvan passed through different places in Mujjaffarpur and held several public meetings in protest of WTO. On 28 Nov Peoples Carvan led a big
rally and held a huge public meeting at Gandhi Maidan Patna. On 29 Nov Peoples Carvan held several meetings and played street dramas at Teslal Nagar,Danapur,Koilavar and in the ground of Vir Kuwar Singh Mahavidyalaya.
On 30 Nov Peoples Carvan had to advance in Uttar Pradesh in the leadership of Rajkumari Gandhi.Rajkumari Gandhi is a committed lady activist for the upliftment of women and Dalits. In the district of Balia, she has been trying her best to
organize movement against the policies of WTO. Due to the disturbance created by killing of Krishnanand Rai;Peoples Carvan had to face great difficulties but
despite those problems and difficulties Peoples Carvan from Balia reached to Varanasi. In Varanasi it held several public meetings at different places and call
the people for joining Peoples Carvan in protest of WTO.
On 3rd December 05, International Day against Slavery, Peoples Carvan against WTO reached to Varanasi hundreds of women, men and children with
banner in hands and shouting slogans like, Imperialism Down Down, Multinationals Go Back, withdraw seed bill,come out of WTO etc entered into the city. They
were given warm welcom and joined by local activists and organizations. People’s Carvan held a public meeting in Azad Park, Lahurabir the meeting was
addressed by Dr. Lenin, Nandlal, Siddharth and others.
All of them warned Indian Government not to take part in ministerial meeting of WTO, scheduled in Hong Kong from 13 Dec to 18 Dec. Sri Nandlal called on people to
protest the policies of WTO at all costs. He said that if Policies of WTO were not protested and if it were implemented in present form then It would be disastrous for our country. Sri Siddharth said that there was no other way out but to come out of WTO.
Addressing the gathering Dr. Lenin remarked about proposed seed bill, Patent Law and said that if those were not opposed then we would loss employment and our independence as well. He told that so many changes had been taking place in the policies of Indian Government in the pressure of WTO. He said that in such a
condition Indian Government would be bound to reduce subsidies given to farmers and others. He said that our whole economic system would go other way round
throwing us in slavery. After meeting, from Azad Park,Lahurabir, activists of Peoples Carvan moved to River Ganga giving slogans against WTO-WB-IMF and
distributing pamphlets with ashes of WTO in earthen pots to give it symbolically funeral treatment to get rid of it finally. Ashok Sinha of Action Aid
International and Maheshanand of Kanhar Bachao Andolan joined peoples carvan in Varanasi.
Dr. Lenin is going to attend anti-WTO conference organized by Christian conference of Asia along with other human rights groups and trade unions in Hong Kong, which is scheduled from 8 December 2005 to 10 December 2005. On 9th December 2005 a documentary will be displayed at the conference based on miseries of Indian weavers. Asian Human Rights Commission and Peoples Vigilance committee on Human Rights published a book titled Handloom has become live grave for weavers¡±. Dr. Lenin will attend a press conference on 11 December 05 and will give description of disastrous
effects of the policies of WTO-WB-IMF on Indian weavers and farmers especially on children. On the same day, he will participate in a huge rally in protest of WTO organized by Hong Kong peoples alliance against WTO.
There is a big public meeting of Dalits is going to be held at Shiva Ji Maidan of Mumbai under the leadership of Shri Ram Das Athwale and Shri Ashok Bharati on 6th
December 05, the death anniversary of Baba Saheb.Siddique Hasan and Aftab of Boonkar Aur Dastkar Adhikar Manch (Forum on rights of weavers and artisans) are going to take part in meeting on behalf of weavers and artisans of Varanasi. At this occasion
a book written by Ms. Sam of food right campaign of Action Aid International on adverse effect of WTO and NAMA on weaving and leather industries in India, will
be inaugurated. This book is being inaugurated all over the world on 6th December 05 by Action Aid International.
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